Food & Menu Development

For any F&B Business, the food and menus are usually one of the main selling points of the business. A good food & menu will help the business attract customers, create customer loyalty (by taste), and generate returning sales.

Sometimes, even with a fix list of food items and menu it is not enough for the consumers, especially with regards to the quick change in market trends. Consumers these days are looking for more cuisines and different food to try out. At the same time, consumers are also growing alarmingly more educated in the food they eat and therefore understand the value and quality a restaurant/café would hold. Therefore it is also crucial for the food and beverage businesses to take rain check and keep up with market trends and sentiments by looking into adding new and relevant food and menu where necessary.

As with regards to creating new food and menu suitable for public consumption, it is not an easy feat especially when techniques & quality, preparation & storage, cooking time & operational efficiency, food cost & pricing are involved.

It is therefore crucial for businesses to know that it is not just about simply putting ingredients together to create a dish or how this new dish can help bring in more bucks; but also about how this creation affects the pricing, costs, quality and efficiency of the business.

If you are looking to develop a new food or menu, for your food & beverage business and do not know of any chef consultants to approach or how to do it, look no further because you can outsource your development work to us.

On that note, this is what we will and can offer of our Food & Menu Development Consultation Services, all of which are intertwined:

  • An analysis of your food & beverage business
  • An analysis of your kitchen and service process
  • Recipe/Menu Recommendations
  • Recipe/Menu Research & Development (Authenticity/Innovation)
  • Ingredient Substitutes (e.g. Halal Needs)
  • Ingredient Supply List
  • Food Costing and Pricing Recommendations
  • Food Tasting & Improvements
  • Food Presentation & Photography
  • Recipe Training (In link with Kitchen & Service Advisory)

All of which will be in sync with the Kitchen & Service and Marketing Objectives.

And that’s not the end. We will also provide you a Complimentary After-Service Support Package, where we will provide support where necessary. Contact us today!



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