Kitchen & Service Advisory

The kitchen and service are one of the most important departments within the F&B business. It is in fact the blood and sweat of the business, as without them there will be no products sold and no one to push it out for.

The kitchen itself is where the food is produced on a daily basis when orders are in; it is where most of the preparations take place and where new developments are made. The kitchen itself is not just of the layout and equipments, but also of the process and its people. Processes like ingredient shelf life, the quality of ingredient kept, the ‘knowledge and skills’ of the chefs & food preps, and the techniques involved.

The service is where food is recommended, ordered, delivered and sold. Even more so, service is sometimes the front of the business where they have to guarantee deliverance of both service and product, and meet the needs of the customers. Needs like the cleanliness of the dining area and being available when needed, being the guide/host of the food business, and a representative of the customers themselves.

All of which are crucial to the business on its own merit, and to be in sync in the form that will also affect the overall image of the business brand intrinsically and extrinsically.

Thus it is vital for food and beverage businesses to constantly and periodically review their departments on both fronts to help keep up with the needs and flow of their businesses.

If you are looking for Food & Beverage Consultants or Chef Consultants on this area, look no further.

Ask Mays provides F&B Businesses with an advisory in Kitchen and Service, with the following:

  • Layout & Equipment
  • Operations & Efficiency
  • Staff & Manpower (Knowledge, Skills & Satisfaction)
  • Training (With regards to Recipe Development)
  • Kitchen & Service SOPs
  • Food & Beverage Safety
  • Hygiene Policies & Procedures

All of which will be in Sync with the Food & Menu and Marketing Objectives.

And that’s not the end. We will also provide you a Complimentary After-Service Support Package, where we will provide support where necessary. Contact us today!



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