Halal Food & Development

Developing new or pre-existing food and menu for Consumers with Halal needs and requirements for several cuisines and trying to get them to be authentic, can be challenging; especially Asian cuisines towards Japanese, Korean, and Chinese descent. It takes one, ‘a keen eye, an agile mind and some experience’ to look out for the right changes to be made in terms of ingredients and techniques.

Most importantly, before moving towards developing such food… “What is Halal?”

‘Halal’ itself is an Arabic word with the meaning ‘Permitted’, and in general it is food permissible for consumption by the Muslims.

And only food and drinks with the right Halal logo, and or are approved by MUIS Singapore is acceptable for the industry, to be sold or made commercially.


In fact, most food is Halal except Alcohol & Animals not slaughtered according to Islamic laws, Blood, Carnivorous Animals, Dead Animals, Swine and its by Products, and Immolated Animals unto Idols.

With the Halal knowledge on hand and with experience in knowledge & techniques that the cuisines mentioned above uses more alcohol to accentuate their flavors, in that sense the development of food of such cuisines is therefore very difficult and very challenging.

To get the food to reach almost authentic flavors, one cannot just replace a certain ingredient but may have to change the overall technique and method of cooking, still kept within its set parameters, to reach the flavors close to authenticity.

Our experiences have taught us much that sometimes it is possible to reach a dead-end, to not be able to get the flavors right and instead ruin the whole dish. It is a common choice of replacing alcohol with lemon juice, but it cannot be used all the time especially with such cuisines. The level and intensity of flavors greatly differs.

However it is not all that impossible. Luckily for us we’re not only trained and experienced in culinary arts but we’re trained engineers as well, we love a good challenge and we’d never go down without a fight. Even more so, we’ve learnt and developed our own substitutes and techniques, with our knowledge and experiences, are able to meet such cuisine challenges for Halal food more easily and successfully.

One of our most recent clients we’ve consulted for, Seoul Garden has given us the opportunity to meet with such challenges not just with working towards cuisine authenticity but also to find new ways to bring their Halal food to the forefront.

Here is one of the projects that we have worked with them on, with us creating the dishes on their newly innovated buffet grill.

Seoul Garden Buffet – Premium Items. We hope it’ll wet appetite!

Video Credits to Muhammad Basyar Bin K H Kamuruddin

You can find the premium items at their Newly Renovated Seoul Garden Outlets (like Jurong Point or Marina Square).

At the same time, if you’re looking for a food consultant or chef consultant to help with the development of your Halal food, to bring about authenticity or to just introduce and develop new trendy food and menu, you’re at the right place. You can check out our services or contact us if you need assistance with.