Food Consultant Singapore

How to Improve Your Food Business

Managing a food business can be tough and challenging, especially with the rising costs, lack of manpower, change of food trends, change of consumer preferences, and increase in competition. All of which can definitely affect sales and profits over a period of time. 1              Identify the Problems To get pass such problems and to improve[…]


Halal Food & Development

Developing new or pre-existing food and menu for Consumers with Halal needs and requirements for several cuisines and trying to get them to be authentic, can be challenging; especially Asian cuisines towards Japanese, Korean, and Chinese descent. It takes one, ‘a keen eye, an agile mind and some experience’ to look out for the right changes to[…]

Restaurant Business Plan 1

Restaurant Business Plan for Startups

Starting a food business from scratch is not as easy as one usually think it is, the level difficulty increases with the size and type of the food business that one intends to head into (like hawker, café, restaurants, food trucks, etc.). It is not just about what food you’re planning to sell or where[…]