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Always wanted to start your restaurant but don’t know how?
Or plan a menu/kitchen/restaurant concept but not sure what to take note of?
You’re at the right place!

Ask Mays is an affordable freelance food consultant service for new start-ups, and small and medium food & beverage businesses in Singapore. We provide a range of services from Recipe/Menu Development to Kitchen & Service Advisory to Marketing Development and Advisory, and we provide a flexible customization of our services to your needs. Ask Mays also provides services on other fronts with the intention to become a one-stop food & beverage consultant service center.

We are a culinary duo who have worked in the food industry for 3 years, are graduates of At-Sunrice Global Chef Academy and have experience consulting for restaurants and individuals. We have experience in both Asian & Western cuisines, old and new techniques, front and back of house. As career switchers, we are able to handle graphic and photo design software, basic web development & SEO. We also have background in business and engineering; with our gamut of knowledge and competencies, we are able to comprehend and apply our knowledge and skills as a Food Consultant.

If you’ve got a question or a problem you need help with,
Ask Mays today!

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