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Food & Menu Development

Food & Menus are crucial to the vitality of any food and beverage businesses. Ask Mays provides a chef consultant service on Culinary Improvements and New Developments for Food & Menus related to the F&B Business.

Kitchen & Service Advisory

Kitchen & Service Processes are important aspects of any food start-ups or restaurants, all of which relates to the quality and efficiency of a product or service involved in the day to day operations of a food business. Ask Mays thus provides a service of advisory for such areas.

Marketing Development

Ask Mays provides a full coverage of Marketing Services and ensures that any strategies made, are closely linked to the brand image. This includes Basic Website Development, Concept Development, Marketing Campaign and Strategies.

About Us

Services performed to date

Ask Mays, Food Consultant Singapore, is an affordable freelance Food & Marketing Consultancy service run by a duo who is also working on their own culinary start-ups. To date, Ask Mays have successfully collaborated with clients with services ranging from Concept Development to Recipe Development to Marketing & Sales Strategies.

Although a new player in the industry, Ask Mays’ Consultants have their fair share of experiences working in the frontlines from restaurants ranging from fine to casual, have studies related to the field of services and have also provided F&B Consultations for several individuals and restaurant/cafe groups.

Our Mission:
- To provide dedicated services to the best of our abilities
- To ensure work efficiency, sustainability and profit making
- To always be diverse, creative and original
- To perfect services accordingly, where necessary and possible
- To always work with honesty and integrity

"There is no sure way of getting the results you want without change. Only with careful attention, additions and changes to the processes, the results will come naturally." – Ask Mays.

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  • Kitchen and Service Advisory


  • Marketing Development



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